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Wildcare | Whole Body Rose Hydrosol
  • Wildcare | Whole Body Rose Hydrosol

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Great For All Skin Types.

Perhaps the most requested product Wildcare has ever received. This mist embodies the entire above ground portion of the Rose and began right here in Wildcare's garden - including in-house distillations of juicy, fresh Rosehips and lusciously scented just-picked petals + a solar infused rose leaf and thorn essence, all housed in a bottle that's double the size of Wildcare's current hydrosols.

Whole Body Rose Hydrosol reflects a Rose in its entirety. Petals, leaves, thorns and hips remind us that ALL elements of the Rose have purpose and poetry; As the bloom bravely billows open, its thorns protect. This timeless skin tonic cools redness and inflammation as it firms and protects the skin’s barrier. Rose famously pulls moisture to the skin, holding it close as it keeps the skin supple and hydrated, just as a petal holds the morning dew. Rose invites us to integrate all parts of ourselves to unearth beauty as a whole.  

What sets this refreshing Rose Water apart?

The majority of all the Roses distilled are grown right here in the Wildcare garden, years of cultivating in the making to grow roses for their specific scents and blend to reach a balance of earthy, sweet, tart, fragrant, and delicate. For an important sense of place, we also marry Wildcare Roses with a small amount of wild-picked Pacific Northwest Roses. All Rosehips are a combination of being grown by us, wild-picked, and are coming from our organic farm partners. Wildcare distills all hips and petals themselves, a stones throw from the garden. The freshness of this Rose mist is unparalleled and quite exquisite!

Made in the USA.

3.38 oz./ 100 ml.

Mist your Hydrosol onto clean face or hands until saturated, and pat for ample hydration. For added moisture morning and night, follow by gently massaging a nourishing facial oil into the skin, and finish with another mist of your Hydrosol to lock in moisture. Your daily use restores the skin’s natural PH balance. In addition to your face, feel free to liberally mist your Hydrosol on your entire body. Especially helpful post bath/shower before moisturizing.

In-house Distilled Hydrosol Of Organically Grown Rose Petals From Wildcare's Family Garden (David Austin, Rugosa, Climbing & Tea Roses)* and Wild-Harvested Roses From The Pacific Northwest (Rosa Nutkana, Rosa Gymnocarpa, Rosa Pisocarpa)*; In-house Distilled Rosehip Hydrosol From Organically Cultivated And Wild Roses, Rosa Damascena (Rose Flower Water)*, Silver Hydrosol (0.5%)", In-House Essences Of (Rose Leaf And Thorn)*.

* - Organic

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free.