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Wildcare | Blue Chamomile Hydrosol
  • Wildcare | Blue Chamomile Hydrosol
  • Wildcare | Blue Chamomile Hydrosol
  • Wildcare | Blue Chamomile Hydrosol

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Great For All Skin Types (Especially, Extra Sensitive And Dehydrated Skin)

Why is it blue? Chamomile flowers contain a terpene called Matricin, that so happens to be incredibly anti-inflammatory. As the flowers break down in the copper still through steam and heat, the Matricin breaks down further and releases chamazulene as a result of distilling. Chamazulene is the resulting aromatic compound and responsible for this beautiful blue-color. Similarly to the blue you would see from (some) yarrow distillations, the chamazulene content is also incredibly anti-inflammatory and has a distinct scent profile that we’d describe as slightly grassy, warm and honeyed while still being pretty similar to a cup of chamomile tea.

Physical: Cooling! Harmonizes with any skin that experiences redness and is a hero for inflammatory conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc. It is wondrous for dry skin or skin that experiences harsh conditions - whether that’s more extreme weather related conditions such as cold winds, dry and intense heat, or environmental pollution. It soothes diaper rash in babies, calms insect bites, swelling, burns, breakouts and acne, and has been worked with for insomnia and migraines.

Energetic: Calming and cooling emotionally for big or challenging feelings; anger, grief, irritability, tantrums. Allows space to mellow, encourages patience and connection to breath. The ultimate peacemaker, harmonizer and reset button. A true friend spirit. Consider your own musings on the cooling color of blue and how it may support hot-headed energy.

Made in the USA.

What Is A Hydrosol?
Hydrosols, also known as Distillates, are the subtle, and often aromatic waters resulting from slowly distilled plant material, and are some of nature's best antioxidants for the skin. Lovingly made using hand collected local spring water, combined with ethically wildcrafted and organically grown plant material, they are distilled in a traditional copper alembic still.

Alchemists from all over the world have performed transformational distillations in these traditional stills for over 3,000 years, and this artisan process still remains the same! The actual method of performing our distillations has a 5-7 hour duration, a much slower process compared to more commercialized modes of skin care production. What results, is a nutrient-rich, energetic, and authentic Hydrosol, containing the plant's own suspended micro particles of essential oil, plant acids, even a plant's specific essence and memory imprint. Each offers its own unique botanical remedy dependent on the plant distilled, thus leading to the reference that a Hydrosol is a hologram of the plant itself!

Hydrosols are incredibly gentle and well-suited for beings of all ages and sensitivities (including babies and pets alike). Wildcare Hydrosols are recommended as a daily facial toner, and play an important role in protecting and nourishing the skin from everyday pollutants. In addition to a being a supreme skin tonic, your Hydrosol may also be used as a holistic and energetic mist, scalp tonic, added to baths, and used in conjunction with our Clay Masks.

1.7 oz./ 50 ml.

Mist your Hydrosol onto clean face or hands until saturated, and pat for ample hydration. For added moisture morning and night, follow by gently massaging SunRoot Solar Serum or your favorite face balm into the skin, and finish with another mist of your Hydrosol to lock in moisture. Feel free to spray anytime around yourself for energetic and mood support. Store in the fridge for extra cooling relief!

100% Steam Distillation Of Fresh, Organically Grown From Wildcare's Family Garden + Small, Organic Farms [Matricaria Chamomilla (German Chamomile)]*. 

* - Organic

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free.