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Skin Gym | Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller
  • Skin Gym | Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller
Skin Gym

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Skin Gym’s Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller is used to enrich the Morning & Evening Ritual.

This gorgeous, natural crystal roller has a large and small stone that you simply roll over your face in an outwards direction.

Crystal healing has been used for centuries for smooth, youthful-looking skin.

t’s a skincare tool that will cool, tighten, and depuff your face in seconds.

Regular massaging for 5-10 minutes with this facial roller will help to drain puffiness and unwanted toxins, contour the face, and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Use it over serum, cream moisturizer or mask to increase product absorption.

For extra healing, relaxation and inflammation reduction, place your roller in the refrigerator.


  • Releases tension and activates blood circulation.
  • Stimulates collagen and improves skin elasticity, especially when passed over acupressure points, increasing skin firmness and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduces puffiness.
  • Brightens dark circles around eyes.
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and eliminates toxins.

Made In The USA.

About Rose Quartz Crystal [Anti-Aging]:
The ultimate beauty crystal. It's the crystal of Venus, goddess of love and beauty, making it an incredible stone to use with self-care rituals. Infuses your face with all the properties of rose quartz minerals (including magnesium, iron and oxygen) that helps reduce inflammation and supports renewal of skin cells. Ideal for flushing out your dead skin cells and boosts cell growth.

**Note: Each crystal is unique and may vary slightly in shade.**

How To Use [The Workout Plan]:

Apply your favorite serum, moisturizer or mask on freshly cleansed skin and begin your rolling exercises.

Gently roll the small roller 3 times around the eye socket. Start from the upper inner edge where your nose hits your brow (there is a pressure point that is more sensitive than the rest of the area, this drains the sinuses when stimulated!) and move outwards, roll around the top and under the eye towards the tear duct, rocking it gently as you go.

Then place the roller vertically into the inner corner of the eye, using gentle rocking motion. Press lightly to encourage lymph drainage in the eye zone, ease blocked sinuses and reduce puffiness.

From the center of the forehead, moving either left or right, begin at the hairline, rolling slowly towards the ear. Repeat 3 to 6 times over the same area.

Nose, Lips & Chin
Using the large roller, work from the nose out to the ear. Continue with upper lip, lower lip and the chin.

At the chin follow along the lower jaw line to under the ear lobe. Then repeat with the other side.

For Sinus Pain & Pressure
Dampen a washcloth and microwave about 10 seconds. Place over your forehead, eyes and cheekbones. Then, starting just above your eyebrows, using the smaller roller, roll from the center of your face as indicated and continue down to just below your cheekbones.

Jawline & Neck
Starting on the chin, work from the center outward and upward on the cheeks. Then at the center, make sweeping rolls under the chin towards the collar bone, working outwards to the sides of the neck.

How To Clean Your Roller:
Salt is a powerful anti-bacterial substance and absorbs negative and unwanted energies.

Half-fill a bowl of dry salt/ rock salt / Himalayan salt then gently place your roller directly on top of the salt. It should be left on top for several hours or overnight.

Your crystals should then be wiped down with a dry or little moist towelette only on the crystal parts to remove any remaining salt. After use, the salt must be thrown away and never re-used because it will have absorbed negative and unwanted energies. Your crystal roller is now all cleansed from bacteria and from negative energy.

If you want to deep-clean your roller - you can remove the heads and deep clean it that way as well. Try not to soak the roller in water and if you use water & gentle soap, only do it on the crystal parts.

We also recommend lubricating the connector on both ends with vegetable oil for long term care and to provide smooth rolling.