♥ Made With Love ♥ Artisan ♥ Handcrafted ♥ Small Batch ♥ Fresh ♥

Under Luna is a holistic + reiki infused line of handcrafted hair products. Everything is made with love in small batches in Oceanside, CA.

Under Luna created these products with the inspiration of our ancestors' traditions, rituals, and remedies for hair care. By stripping down the modern-day shampoo + conditioner recipes and building them back up with the teachings of Native American and Ayurveda cultures, their hair rituals and use of herbs, plants, roots, flowers, etc. - every single ingredient has a purpose and powerful benefit for the hair.

These products are made with a harmonious balance of herbs, flowers, bark, and roots that together create nourishing nutrients for the hair. In addition, Under Luna adds a combination of essential oils to each product to provide it’s own unique and nurturing aromatherapy experience.

It goes without saying they are natural, non-toxic and gentle formulas that do not strip you of your natural oils, but rather reinvigorate and restore the oils that you need in order to get your hair/scalp back to a balanced, strong and thriving state. 

The range of products is to provide a solution for everyone, from toddlers to adults, for dry, irritated scalps to oily hair. Under Luna is happy to announce they are now offering all shampoos and conditioners in both recyclable plastic and glass bottles.