♥ Made With Love ♥ Artisan ♥ Handcrafted ♥ Small Batch ♥ Fresh ♥

Terra-Tory is a clean skincare + wellness brand that hyper focuses on Sensitive + Eczema Prone Skin.

Terra-Tory intention's to create effective natural products, crafted from the highest quality ingredients and meticulously formulated for daily use for all, including children.

Terra-Tory specializes in infusing skin nourishing superfoods; like Sea Moss, Plantains + Aloe, to harness the power + simplicity of nature to nourish, cleanse, soothe and protect your skin.

Terra-Tory promises to omit ingredients (not regulated by the FDA), that has been a rising trigger for skin issues to help reduce and manage allergies/ irritations.

The mission is to improve the way “natural skincare” is made and represented in the beauty + wellness industry. Each product is handcrafted with sustainably sourced, all-natural ingredients (no derivatives and no preservatives).

By providing transparency behind the brand, Terra-Tory believes that healthier diets, environments and choosing cleaner ingredients contribute to healthy skin behavior.

Terra-Tory maintains their sustainability promise by using zero waste and plastic-free packaging materials. Terra-Tory uses biodegradable plant-based Jute Twine that helps customers hang their soap in the shower. Terra-Tory does not use Palm oil or Coconut Oil thus reducing their carbon footprint.