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Timeless Japanese Wisdom for a Balanced Mind & Radiant Skin.

Inspired by traditional Japanese rituals, ancient botanical wisdom, and deep respect for nature, Shikohin is much more than a luxurious line of skincare and body products.

The word Shikohin means “indulgence” in Japanese. Shikohin’s rituals are an invitation to indulge in the simple richness of life by connecting with our bodies, immersing in the blessings of nature, regaining balance and perspective in life, and finding a moment of meditation to recharge from the hectic pace of the modern world.

Shikohin self-care products bring the benefits of ancient Japanese traditions—including forest bathing, hot spring mineral soaks, and aromatic massage— into the home.

These meticulously designed rituals and products restore physical and mental health, providing respite from the ongoing mental health crisis and burnout faced in society.

Drawing from the timeless wisdom of the Bonsai tree, Shikohin reminds us of the intricate and delicate balance in our relationship with nature and how daily mindful practices keep these profound influences in harmony.

Our face, skin, and complexion are the windows to our internal states. That’s why skincare is self-care. 

Shikohin harnesses the medicinal properties of highly curative botanical ingredients such as snow mushrooms, Japanese cypress, onsen minerals, and essential oils used in traditional Japanese Kampo medicine. Paired with the renowned calming and healing effects of the highest quality CBD, their unique formulations nourish and soothe the body.

Shikohin CEO,Takashi Nobuhara, founded the brand as a pure expression of the ingredients and experiences he enjoyed during his childhood in Japan, recalling: ‘As a child, I foraged edible wild plants and mushrooms with my father and learned about the importance of herbs and other botanicals. In Japan, food has medicinal properties; we boil teas made from roots and flowers and take hot herbal baths to cure various conditions. Growing up on an island, we cherished and respected what Mother Nature provides because we believe that people and nature should coexist in harmony.”