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Poetic and universal, PUREARTH is rooted in eternal Ayurvedic wisdom - as compelling today as 5000 years ago. 

Born from a desire to reconnect with the earth, PUREARTH seeks to foster a culture of conscious consumption and invites you to celebrate raw, transcendent beauty and craftsmanship that nourishes your skin and soul.

PUREARTH believes in micro-batches, hand blended and filled at their studio so that a little bit of love spills into every apothecary jar. Their French violet-glass is refined to only allow the violet rays that preserve the bio-active energy of their precious ingredients. Pre-mix bases, fillers, toxic chemicals, synthetic colors, fragrances, and additives are never a part of their approach.

Gathering only the purest nutrient-rich botanicals and flower essences, most of PUREARTH ingredients are hand-harvested at soaring altitudes from Himalayan glacier-fed terrains and mineral-rich uncontaminated forest soil by micro-credit and women self-help groups. 

Each PUREARTH creation you buy makes you a co-creator, supporting fair trade, income generation of grassroots producers and marginalized women, reducing gender bias.

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