♥ Made With Love ♥ Artisan ♥ Handcrafted ♥ Small Batch ♥ Fresh ♥

Discover the new natural with a collection that goes beyond skin care and invites you to experience the joy of inspired self care.

Created with consciousness and a deep respect for nature, our shared source of life, this collection is about embracing the wisdom of earth's healing bounty of plants and minerals while rekindling our connection to nature. This is a return home.

A fresh start, a new relationship with our skin begins by honoring our beauty and well-being. Embrace the joy and the fulfillment of daily rituals that express love and kindness to our bodies and spirit.

We have wandered too far from our source, from nature, and have been seduced by mass-produced synthetic products that are damaging to our skin and psyche-marketed to us in ways that make us feel less-than, as though we must "correct", "diminish", or "reverse" ourselves to be beautiful or feel good.

Precious Skin Elixirs is a radically different collection created from a continuos study of plant medicine and ancient beauty rituals that restore harmony to your skin and soul. This collection of innovative, effective potions, is designed to revitalize your skin with a healthy living glow, connect you back to the earth, and awaken your best skin.