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Moss stands for Mordern. Organic. Sacred. Skincare.

Moss is a luxury, organic skincare line that harnesses the power of nature + bliss + ritual to create and sustain beauty.

After years of struggling with acne, Celestyna Brozek, Moss founder, began her journey to develop a luxurious, natural and effective skin care line. 

Moss specializes in healing acne that teaches radical self-care and uses Ayurvedic and holistic medicine to reveal inner glow and maximize outer beauty. 

Moss is unique in that it does not provide a blanket solution for the catch-all term “acne,” but provides specialized solutions depending on the type of acne symptoms presented, offering specificity unprecedented in both the beauty and green beauty industries.

Moss is also unique in that most of the acne solutions offered are also profoundly anti-aging, which makes Moss products multi-tasking powerhouses ideal for adult acne and complicated skin types.