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Where it all began...4000 lavender seedlings.

For some this might only be a number, but for Zita Gyurokovics, it was the first step into the splendid world of herbs. 

Wonderful childhood memories tie Zita to nature; where she has spent countless hours in her beloved mother’s garden, fantasizing about the plants story and discovering about their hidden beauty. She truly hope this curiousity and unconditional love for plants will remain with her forever.

Not only was Zita's family in awe when she announced that she will own a Lavender Plantation, but it took Zita by surprise as well.

Zita has been devoting years studying the secrets of aromatherapy and organic skin care formulation in England and Hungary. Her knowledge allows her to create such skin care products, which make Zita believe that she could do something good on this Earth, and for our Planet.

The values that Mar Galliti, as a brand, stands for are very human, natural, and instinctive. The key to this lays within knowing the people Mar Galliti works together with, and sourcing locally as much as possible. 

Zita has personal relationship with each and every single person who grows, produces and sells the ingredients you can find in their beloved Mar Galliti line.

Sustainability, awareness, social sensitivity, the love of nature and animals are not only words for Zita, but her true philosophy, a part of her daily routine.

Allow Zita to introduce you to her holistic aromatherapeutic approach, where she bottles the scent of a herbal garden and the essence of a forest with her products. Scents that invoke the refreshing breeze after a summer rain, a moonlit rose garden or hay bales in a field.

Mar Galliti products contain the best quality essential oils with a delight of bird songs and leaves, blowing in the wind. Mar Galliti offer these in a perfect synergy complemented by other nourishing plant oils and extracts. 

Products created to make your skin healthier and your soul happier.