♥ Made With Love ♥ Artisan ♥ Handcrafted ♥ Small Batch ♥ Fresh ♥

Elaa is a continued Evolution.

Formulated with ancient wisdom, science, conscious intention, and soulful passion.

Elaa is...Living, Raw, Alive - intact life energy, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. 

Organic . Wildcrafted . Bio-dynamic.

Sparklingly Fresh . Micro Batch . Lovingly Handmade.

Nutrient-dense and Luxurious Bio-actives . Superfoods . Plant nectars . Essential oils. Vitamins & Minerals.

100% Natural, Pure, Healthy - Chemical Free, Synthetic Free, GMO Free, Toxin Free, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Preservative Free, Emulsifier Free, Filler Free

Gluten-free . Sensitive Skin Friendly.

Eco-Conscious . Vegan . Bee-gan . Cruelty-free . Sustainable . Fair-trade.

Earth Friendly - No boxes that just get thrown away the moment you receive your product. Glass packaging. Everything in your package is 100% biodegradable (burlap bags, packing peanuts, etc). 

Packaged in premier biophotonic Miron Violet Glass in order to considerably preserve and increase the potency and aliveness of the beautiful botanicals.