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“Catarina Barbosa Skincare” originates from a beautiful coastal town called Vila Nova De Milfontes in the Vicentine Coastline in Odemira-Portugal. Named for its unique tradition, Vila Nova de Milfontes is in existence well over a century. Vila Nova De Milfontes is popular not only for its coastal beauty but, also for its moderate weather with abundant sun all around the year. Europe’s cleanest river with an estuary is pure bliss to witness and to top it all, an impeccable gastronomic culture with fresh seafood in abundance.

Inspired by great Portugese women beauty rituals, “Catarina Barbosa Skincare” uses the finest quality green products that are developed to improve your skin. Ingredients are decided for all our beauty lines by spending several hours of research on the elements that are a perfect blend to its premium products.

In their state-of-the-art laboratory at Vila Nova De Milfontes in Portugal, “Catarina Barbosa Skincare” combines purely natural ingredients with advanced science to harness the true power of nature. Here, through relentless research, combined experience plus trial and error, Catarina Barbosa has created a remarkable skincare collection. 

All of the products are individually handmade onsite and assigned their own batch numbers, guaranteeing the utmost transparency, traceability and integrity.