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Arcana is an exploration into the mysteries of plants. The word was popularised by alchemists during the sixteenth century as they sought to unveil the greatest secrets of plants, minerals, and animals - the ‘arcana of nature’.

At that time, the western world was transitioning from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance and the desire for knowledge both spiritual and physical was exploding. Alchemists understood that all plants and minerals contained their own spirit, or ‘essence’ which could be extracted and utilised for healing.This knowledge was recorded through art and symbolism in order to bypass language and act directly on the subconscious.

With one foot in this time when nature was regarded as having unlimited potential, and the other amidst the modern desire for self-care and reconnection with earth, Arcana is a gesture of modern ritual with a historical perspective. Arcana creates for those who live on the threshold of the real world and the natural world, and who seek the transcendent power of plants. Their blends are intuitively guided by botanical realms, artistic representations, and mythological landscapes.

Founded by historian Erin Hammond who taught herself herbal medicine through the tried-and-true method of time and experience, Arcana is a mirror of her inner world, told compositionally through skincare and scent.

Arcana chooses the highest quality ingredients with a focus on plants that are either wild harvested or grown through biodynamic farming. Ingredient choices are mostly informed by the biodiversity of the places that have shaped them — Scotland and Southern Appalachia.

Arcana formulation approach is consciously rich with dualities; common weeds sit alongside the most expensive actives, primitive folk remedies mingle with exotic oils. This is their complex universe, rooted in deep intention and knowledge.